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Foster Maddison Estate Agents

As we would expect at this time of year we are going out to value more properties and we are getting more potential purchasers registering with us to both buy and rent.  The properies coming to the market now are  attracting interest and sales are being agreed.  The deduction from this is that if you need to sell do so sooner rather than later - misquoting a politician speaking recently about his hopes for his leaders demise - if it were done better it is done sooner.

The rentals market is still healthy - again a lack of stock is sustaining rental growth and shorter voids.  There is a suggestion that increased interest rates and looming burdens of legislation will slow down the buy to rent market but I cannot see it happening in the short term.  A lot of Landlords are happy dealing with the legislation as rents and capital values edge up keeping the yields healthy.  The professional landlord is here to stay and the  vast proportion of them are decent folk who look after their assets.

As we cautiously emerge into the new year with less intense focus on Covid and more focus on recovery the market should become more predictable and even - dare I say it - return to its pre covid cycles.  This will not be rapid but gradual and with lower numbers of transactions than we want , and apart from those period of adverse weather both metaphorical and real we should see the start of a recovery - although lets save the whisky and rye until we need it !


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